10 Song Playlist Rollthrough

This is something fun I thought I would do, share on my blog and encourage you all to share as well. I just came up with the idea today, but I am sure that I am not the sole originator of this idea.

I like putting my music player on shuffle while I’m getting ready in the morning. I used the Rocket Player App on my phone today,  but sometimes I use my own playlist, other times I open up Pandora on shuffle and let that role while I shower, do my hair and makeup.


Our music styles can reflect how we feel in the moment, our favorite artists and genres. Our music can vocalize how we feel. Music can lead us through the emotions we would like to experience.

So it goes like this:

Start by blindly selecting a song on your playlist with your media player on shuffle mode. Then share what the next 10 songs are that play.

Here are my 10 songs:
1. Peach Union – On My Own (from the Sliding Doors Soundtrack)
2. Kelly Clarkson – Already gone
3. Nickel back – Feeling Way Too Damn Good
4. Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About You
5. Paramore – Playing God
6. Baby face – Grown and SeayA
7. Chris Daughtry – Dead or Alive (American Idol version)
8. Christina Aguilera – Dirty
9. Michael Jackson – Rock With You
10. Jennifer Lopez – Get Right

So what does my playlist say about me????

A lot of these songs are by no means my favorites, but I decided to use my entire playlist for this Playlist Rollthrough. I am glad that a Michael Jackson song popped up, because I definitely gotta have me some Michael. I am generally a huge fan of R&B music, particularly mid 1990’s to early 2000’s, and the Babyface song was the only one in the R&B genre that played, so I don’t think this “Top 10” songs are truly a reflection of my most favorite songs in my playlist.

My top songs from this list: Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You”, Peach Union’s ” On My Own” and Babyface “Grown and Sexy”.

Maybe later I’ll write a post of my Top 10 songs most played.

What do you think of my list? What would be on your own “Top 10 Playlist”?

Thanks for Reading!



Mother’s Day reflections

Happy mothers day to all of the Moms out there!
I am grateful for the relationship that my mother and I have. Even though it is not the relationship that either she nor I always envisioned, it is still a relationship and what matters is that we have each other. She will always be my Momma. And I’ll always be her baby.


Can you keep a Secret? – Secret #1: Selfies!

I am a big advocate for the Selfie.

Selfies can help boost your own confidence. I take a selfie when I feel pretty, like I had a good hair/makeup day. I look back on them when I am having a not-so-pretty day and remind myself that I should feel better about how I look.

Selfies can also brighten other people’s day. I share candid selfies with my husband on  regular basis. They are not racy – it’s just to say “Hey there, I hope your day is going well and I love you”.  I also share my selfies in ongoing text messages to my friends and family as a way of saying “hi” and staying in touch.

Here are a few of my favorite selfies:

Braces Selfie and makeover by Smashbox Makeup Artist at Ulta


Workout Selfie wtih my main man, Casper


Work Selfie – I’m a Dental Hygienist on a mission to save teeth!


Florence, Italy Selfie, Summer 2014


Lazy Sunday Selfie


Morning Commute Selfie (I know, I’m selfie-ing while driving….not smart)


No More Braceface Selfie!


Timmy Hortons addiction selfie


One of my most recent sefies, and a personal favorite….I felt super pretty this day. I had just gotten my braces off. I felt like a whole new better version of myself 🙂

I’d love to see some of your favorite selfies too!


Welcome back, Angela


I took a hiatus from blogging for a bit, my hubby and I had a tragic death in our family and have been laying low for a while.

It’s mornings like this Sunday morning that remind me how grateful I am for the life we have and share together. Life can be really good most of the time, and those are the times that I want to savor.

Its a chilly 52° here in suburban Detroit, my favorite time to veg out in my backyard with my coffee and listen to the birds sing to each other. The grass is dewy and freshly cut (I mowed it for the first time yesterday….I am woman, hear me roar!) and I can see spiderwebs glistening across the grass. The sun is peaking up over my city to the east and bunnies are scampering through my neighbor’s yard.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Democracy for me!

I’m not talking politics, people. I’m talking jeans! Democracy is a brand I just became familiar with and I am in love.021

It is difficult to find jeans to fit my 5’1″ size 12 frame. I struggle with the jean material being too thick to be comfortable, too low rise, too long, too expensive. Petite styles tend to shrink up in the washer and become too short to wear confidently. The shawty struggle is real. Anyone else dealing with this too?

Also I have stayed away from the “jeggings” in the past because the material was too thin and tended to show all of my humps and lovely lady lumps.

I stumbled upon these jeans at my first trip to Nordstrom Rack. The are the Democracy AbSolution Booty Lift jeggings Size 12.

019      020

They have an elasticized banded waistline which prevents gaping at the back and low ridding. The material is 54% Rayon/27% Cotton/17% Polyester/2% Spandex. The fit is very forgiving.  I can “scrub the ground in them” which is a sure sign that I have been admitted into jean heaven. Continue reading

My Wake Up Call (P.S. this is a personal story)

It was a day like any other. I had a continuing education meeting for my periodontists’ office Friday, February 6th. The conference was about infection control protocol in the dental office. I just felt off all day, running back and forth to the bathroom to pee every 5 minutes.

Flashback to some personal medical history: I have been suffering from frequent peeing for over 1 year now. I have been back and forth to my Primary Care Physician (PCP) and had an ultrasound on my bladder conducted last summer, as well as underwent 3 medicinal treatments for suspected urinary tract infections since then. I just always felt like I had to pee. My my 8 month pregnant bestie was even shocked at how many trips to the bathroom I was making in December when she was visiting. Sometimes when I am out and about, I have to stop at a restaurant or gas station to pee before I get to my destination – during a 20 minute car ride! Eventually, I chalked all of these symptoms to the fact that I would live forever with this un-diagnosed condition, and I was terrified of ever getting pregnant since my friends warned me “Its only going to get worse”.

Fast forward to the end of the continuing education meeting, and I am on my way home. It’s a 38 minute ride from the hotel where the CE meeting took place to my house. I was on the phone with my prego bestie – due any day now- telling her how bad I had to pee on the way home and that my left lower abdomen felt like there was this intense pressure feeling & joking around about “I hope I make it…” home.  By the time I pulled into my driveway I was in crippling pain. My left side/lower abdomen hurt so bad, it took my breath away. I wasn’t sure I could make it into the house, but I mustered up all of my strength to open the front door and holler for my husband John to take me to the hospital.

So off we go to the hospital: me gripping my side and saying “Ooooh” and Ahhhhh” between deep breaths, thrashing around in the passenger seat, & my husband intently focused on his driving skills to get us to the hospital as quickly and safely as possible. I am pretty sure he ran a few red lights…..We finally get to the ER at the local hospital. After 15 minutes curled up in the waiting room chair, they call me back to the triage area. Take my vitals, ask me a few questions, and then find me a bed in the ER – my new home for the next 8 hours. I didn’t even get a bed in one of the ER cubicles….it was in the hallway next to the nurses’ station: Bed 10x. They pumped me full of drugs…dalouted for pain and zofran for nausea (caused by the pain med). I have never been on any heavy pain medications like these. I was feeling alright – the pain in my side and back mostly subsided. I still had to pee every 5 minutes. Eventually I was  wisked away to do a CAT scan.

Diagnosis: “acute unilateral obstructive uropathy with a 5mm Kidney stone on left side”. Treatment: cystoscopy with a ureteal stent placement

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What’s in a Nickname?

So I was thinking about nicknames today. They can be acquired from anywhere, awarded by any person, any time in your life; and sometimes come with a horrendous back story that you would soon enough like to forget. Nicknames can have a positive or negative connotation to them. The history of the nickname stems from descriptive titles used to distinguish one “John” from another “John” because surnames were not used [1]. Nicknames can be as simple as a shortening of a person’s 1st name, or based on an affectionate title by a family member, a physical attribute, or it could be a pseudo-name or pen-name [2]. And so, without further adieu, I will share with you my nicknames of yesteryear and today….Drums please (In Will Smith’s voice at the beginning of “Summertime”) Continue reading

Blogging inspirations…..

I have spent the last 3 weeks on the blogosphere enjoying reading the blogs I follow and hearing about fellow blogger’s daily lives, favorite beauty products, musings and rants. I haven’t posted since my Beauty Products Review #1 post in early January.

I think the problem with blogging for me as a beginner is ” Where do I start?” “What do people want to read about?” “Will they read about what I want to write about?” “Should my blog be about one topic, or should I just blog about whatever is on my mind at the moment?”

I am curious, How you other bloggers find their inspiration and ideas for their blog posts? 

Currently, I keep a list of blog ideas and topics on my phone using the app Incredible Note. I love this app, I use it for grocery lists, to keep track of songs I would like to download, books on my list to read, makeup I would like to try and to do lists.

Some of my most recent Ideas for topics are:

  • Things I love right now
  • Movie/TV show reviews
  • Showcasing a new website that I stumbled upon
  • Reviewing the color e-nalysis (fashion related)
  • What’s in my closet?

My goal today is to spend this Snowy Superbowl Sunday researching blogging inspiration and narrowing down some topics for my next post. Oh, and eat good food and watch the Superbowl later on 😉


Beauty Products Review #1

Hey Everyone!

I have been thinking about compiling a beauty products review for a while now.


Here is a sneak peak at some of the beauty products I am going to review today:

2014 Beauty Review

In my last post, I mentioned that I subscribe to leighannsays – a channel that features a girl from Houston TX who reviews beauty products and creates makeup tutorials and such….I have fun watching her videos, and thought that maybe I should make my own little “review” of some of the products I have been using. I don’t feel comfortable videotaping myself (I tried it for a hot minute the other day….it was scary) but I will try to let as much of my personality shine through here in writing as I can. Continue reading

2014 Holiday Break

Hey Everyone!

What’s been going on this holiday break? A whole lotta nothing 😦 Mostly boring stuff like working my 3 jobs and preparing for the 2014 Holiday Season. I had a low-key Christmas (just the way I like it) and a fun and not-at-all stressful New Years celebration. I have had the past 2.5 weeks off of work, and have been really enjoying not being on a schedule, being able to visit with my besties that live out-of-town now.

A few things I have been doing on Christmas Break:

Catching up on my YouTube channel I subscribe to “leighann says“.

She lives in Houston, TX and creates beauty reviews, tutorials and now she is Vlogging…I can’t get enough but have not been able to watch for a while cause I blame work getting in the way of all my fun. I have thought about starting a YouTube channel, but at the moment, I’m not ready to video tape myself for the world 😉

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