2014 Holiday Break

Hey Everyone!

What’s been going on this holiday break? A whole lotta nothing ūüė¶ Mostly boring stuff like working my 3 jobs and preparing for the 2014 Holiday Season. I had a low-key Christmas (just the way I like it) and a fun and not-at-all stressful New Years celebration. I have had the past 2.5 weeks off of work, and have been really enjoying not being on a schedule, being able to visit with my besties that live out-of-town now.

A few things I have been doing on Christmas Break:

Catching up on my YouTube channel I subscribe to “leighann says“.

She lives in Houston, TX and creates beauty reviews, tutorials and now she is Vlogging…I can’t get enough but have not been able to watch for a while cause I blame work getting in the way of all my fun. I have thought about starting a YouTube channel, but at the moment, I’m not ready to video tape myself for the world ūüėČ

Catching up on Sons of Anarchy!

We have just completed Season 6….this show became our addiction after we finished Dexter.¬†

My husband and I are also watching Continuum, a Canadian Sci-Fi show that is pretty good, in my opinion (and I am not a sci-fi girl).

Building my virtual closet with the¬†Stylicious¬†app¬†– eventually I would like to own a capsule wardrobe….someday I might take you through that journey with me. I am really trying hard to take inventory of what I have in my closet so I can work up to building a wardrobe of things I want to wear and feel comfortable in.Juicing! My husband John bought me a juicer for my birthday because we had recently watched the¬†documentary¬†(do you get the drift? We watch a lot of TV…it’s just what we do…) called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. It’s about a fairly successful man who decides to take control of his health and go on a 60 day juice fast while traveling from¬†Australia¬†to the¬†US to document his transformation. So my husband got me this juicer and we gradually eased into a 15 day juice fast.

My Juicer: The Breville Juice Fountain Elite (and my unfinished kitchen…we are still in the process of remodeling)

I think the Joe’s Mean Green Juice was my favorite recipe.

We didn’t follow the juicing exactly to the plan from the documentary, but we tried our best, and I lost 10 lbs! Can’t be mad at that. Especially since we began juicing on Thanksgiving and ended on Christmas Day. Not the best time to go through a fast, but we figured we had better give it a shot. I can honestly tell you that the most surprising benefit of cutting out all the fatty foods, carbs and everything else from my diet was that I got the most restful sleep I can ever remember having. Since we have ended our juice fast, we have been eating smaller portions of healthier foods, and I have been trying to exercise more. Overall I feel good!

 Playing Tomb Raider for the PC! My husband got this game, and all of the other Tomb Raiders for me last year at Christmastime. I played for, like an hour, and then never touched it again until 2 weeks ago. I have never been into gaming, but I have always liked the story of Tomb Raider, and used to play on the PlayStation with my friend KRB back in middle/high school.

Let me tell ya, it’s highly addicting. I get so into the game, that the scary parts make me scream and jump! The more I play, the better I get, and the more I want to play again. It’s fun, and for the moment, I’m enjoying playing. We shall see…will I ever get to the end of the game????

¬†The last thing I have been up to is working on a hobby.¬†Something that I have been contemplating since finishing hygiene school was a creative outlet…something that I could get involved in¬†just for me.¬†I am experimenting with this blog, and also started up my LiveJournal and began a 365 challenge with my girlfriend Jessica. I have also contemplated creating a review section¬†on my blog for fun. There may be one in the works as I am typing…….stay tuned!

So that’s it. Today I go back to work, and the blissfulness of the Holiday Season/New Year will be behind me.



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