Blogging inspirations…..

I have spent the last 3 weeks on the blogosphere enjoying reading the blogs I follow and hearing about fellow blogger’s daily lives, favorite beauty products, musings and rants. I haven’t posted since my Beauty Products Review #1 post in early January.

I think the problem with blogging for me as a beginner is ” Where do I start?” “What do people want to read about?” “Will they read about what I want to write about?” “Should my blog be about one topic, or should I just blog about whatever is on my mind at the moment?”

I am curious, How you other bloggers find their inspiration and ideas for their blog posts? 

Currently, I keep a list of blog ideas and topics on my phone using the app Incredible Note. I love this app, I use it for grocery lists, to keep track of songs I would like to download, books on my list to read, makeup I would like to try and to do lists.

Some of my most recent Ideas for topics are:

  • Things I love right now
  • Movie/TV show reviews
  • Showcasing a new website that I stumbled upon
  • Reviewing the color e-nalysis (fashion related)
  • What’s in my closet?

My goal today is to spend this Snowy Superbowl Sunday researching blogging inspiration and narrowing down some topics for my next post. Oh, and eat good food and watch the Superbowl later on 😉



2 thoughts on “Blogging inspirations…..

  1. I am also super curious how other bloggers chose topics! I am similar to you: have a list on my phone and whenever I do something or see something or even think something I’d like to blog about, I whip the list out and add on. The only hard part is finding the time to keep up with the list!

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    • Hi Zanna! As I was writing this post today, I got inspired for some new, juicy topics…..put them on my list and began drafts for a few new posts. I would just keep logging your thoughts and see where they take you.
      Thanks for the comments!


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