What’s in a Nickname?

So I was thinking about nicknames today. They can be acquired from anywhere, awarded by any person, any time in your life; and sometimes come with a horrendous back story that you would soon enough like to forget. Nicknames can have a positive or negative connotation to them. The history of the nickname stems from descriptive titles used to distinguish one “John” from another “John” because surnames were not used [1]. Nicknames can be as simple as a shortening of a person’s 1st name, or based on an affectionate title by a family member, a physical attribute, or it could be a pseudo-name or pen-name [2]. And so, without further adieu, I will share with you my nicknames of yesteryear and today….Drums please (In Will Smith’s voice at the beginning of “Summertime”) Ang – short for Angela. I have never liked Angie…it always sounded so whiny to me. If you are gonna shorten my name, please use Ang. Nobody calls me Ang accept my Dad, and my two best friends Chelsea and Jessica. I tell other people I prefer “Ang” but they always just call me “Angie” and I don’t correct them because I would be doing it all day long. Agnus – I don’t remember how this came about, but it was a nickname my 3 sisters gave me when I was in elementary school. It didn’t last very long. Snag – This nickname was gifted to me by my sisters, but has a slightly sad history. In my 5th grade yearbook, Corey A. wrote this to me: 006 To be fair, Corey A. was not spouting lies, I did have a case of the snaggle tooth (or two or three) back then, and so the birth of the nickname Snag. Beave – a derivative of the “Snaggle Tooth Beaver” name and my present nickname.  This nickname came about when I was in high school. My sisters also coined this nickname, and to this day, they still call me Beave. At first, I hated it, then got used to it even though I didn’t like it. But when my niece was born, she could not say “Angela” as a toddler, but could very audibly say “Auntie Beave” and it became endearing to me just to hear my name uttered by my niece. So my sister’s and my brother in laws all call me Beave. My niece and 2 nephews call me Auntie Beave. I don’t have snaggle teeth anymore (I am almost done with my braces) but I can appreciate the comic relief when a person discovers my nickname. “Your sister’s call you what???” and then I get to tell the story of my 5th grade yearbook. Not to mention that my twin sister’s nickname is Hairy…put the two together and have a little giggle 😉 Also, I get great beaver presents like these:


A beaver painting picked up from my Twinnie at a garage sale this past summer; “Canned Beaver”, Beaver postcards and a beaver plush from Beaver, Utah; Beaver stuffed animal from Boston, MA and a sterling silver beaver pendent – a gift from my Twinnie.

What’s your nickname and the story behind it? [1.]  http://dictionary.reference.com/help/faq/language/e32.html [2.] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nickname



6 thoughts on “What’s in a Nickname?

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I am super proud to call you my sister(in-law). I really couldn’t ask for anyone better. I found myself looking at the birthday card that you made for me the other day and I thought to myself how lucky am I to have such a loving sister in-law, one that puts so much effort into making the purrrfect card and finding a perfect gift. You are the best! I love you.

    On another note. I am sorry to read that you feel lost in life. Keep searching for the things that make you truly happy, and I hope this blog starts to bring you closer to finding balance in your life.

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  2. Hi Loren! (in high pitched voice)
    Thanks for the love and support! Don’t worry, with each passing day, I feel less and less lost. I am enjoying blogging so far. It’s been fun. Time consuming but fun. I’m having fun navigating and playing around with posts. More good stuff to come soon!


  3. I love nicknames! Seriously, I love them wayyyy more than most people. Probably for this reason, I am more of a nickname giver than reciever. I gave my younger sister Zelda like a bajillion nicknames throughout our mutual childhood, approximatly seven of which are still in use. I also like to try out new nicknames for my boyfriend, but he’s got a tough name for it–Karl. I lie to play around with first/last nicknames and plays on initials. This habut is considered althogether annoying by all who know me 😛

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    • Fun stuff! I think nicknames can be endearing, and when someone takes the time to give you a nickname, it can be because they care about you enough to honor you with a special name. 😉


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