10 Song Playlist Rollthrough

This is something fun I thought I would do, share on my blog and encourage you all to share as well. I just came up with the idea today, but I am sure that I am not the sole originator of this idea.

I like putting my music player on shuffle while I’m getting ready in the morning. I used the Rocket Player App on my phone today,  but sometimes I use my own playlist, other times I open up Pandora on shuffle and let that role while I shower, do my hair and makeup.


Our music styles can reflect how we feel in the moment, our favorite artists and genres. Our music can vocalize how we feel. Music can lead us through the emotions we would like to experience.

So it goes like this:

Start by blindly selecting a song on your playlist with your media player on shuffle mode. Then share what the next 10 songs are that play.

Here are my 10 songs:
1. Peach Union – On My Own (from the Sliding Doors Soundtrack)
2. Kelly Clarkson – Already gone
3. Nickel back – Feeling Way Too Damn Good
4. Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About You
5. Paramore – Playing God
6. Baby face – Grown and SeayA
7. Chris Daughtry – Dead or Alive (American Idol version)
8. Christina Aguilera – Dirty
9. Michael Jackson – Rock With You
10. Jennifer Lopez – Get Right

So what does my playlist say about me????

A lot of these songs are by no means my favorites, but I decided to use my entire playlist for this Playlist Rollthrough. I am glad that a Michael Jackson song popped up, because I definitely gotta have me some Michael. I am generally a huge fan of R&B music, particularly mid 1990’s to early 2000’s, and the Babyface song was the only one in the R&B genre that played, so I don’t think this “Top 10” songs are truly a reflection of my most favorite songs in my playlist.

My top songs from this list: Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You”, Peach Union’s ” On My Own” and Babyface “Grown and Sexy”.

Maybe later I’ll write a post of my Top 10 songs most played.

What do you think of my list? What would be on your own “Top 10 Playlist”?

Thanks for Reading!



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