Democracy for me!

I’m not talking politics, people. I’m talking jeans! Democracy is a brand I just became familiar with and I am in love.021

It is difficult to find jeans to fit my 5’1″ size 12 frame. I struggle with the jean material being too thick to be comfortable, too low rise, too long, too expensive. Petite styles tend to shrink up in the washer and become too short to wear confidently. The shawty struggle is real. Anyone else dealing with this too?

Also I have stayed away from the “jeggings” in the past because the material was too thin and tended to show all of my humps and lovely lady lumps.

I stumbled upon these jeans at my first trip to Nordstrom Rack. The are the Democracy AbSolution Booty Lift jeggings Size 12.

019      020

They have an elasticized banded waistline which prevents gaping at the back and low ridding. The material is 54% Rayon/27% Cotton/17% Polyester/2% Spandex. The fit is very forgiving.  I can “scrub the ground in them” which is a sure sign that I have been admitted into jean heaven. Continue reading