First Blog Post!

So I am starting a blog. Jumping on the blogger’s bandwagon. 

Why have I been mysteriously drawn to beginner blogging, you ask? 

  • Because I am in search of myself…my identity at this precise moment, and the moments that follow. 
  • Because I feel a bit lost. 
  • Because I  have completed my baccalaureate education and I feel my identity as the “forever student” is over. 
  • Because I am busy working the daily grind, yet I still feel something is missing.  
  • Because I like to write. (not saying I am a good writer, I just like to write)
  • And because I have a sense that I may not be alone in these feelings.
 So I am starting on this journey through blogger-hood, hoping that in writing here I might begin to shape myself into the person that destiny has determined for me. I am making a promise to myself to keep an open mind, try new things  (even if they are scary) and adopt an accepting attitude toward life and the people surrounding me.
My goal is to share my thoughts, experiences, attitudes and ideas with this blogging community…and to learn a thing or two about myself along the way.
 I titled this blog “Following my own Yellow Brick Road” because I believe we all have a long, winding road to follow in our lives. In The Wizard of Oz the yellow brick road leads to the Emerald City, and eventually means “home” for Dorthy. For me, at the end of my Yellow Brick Road I will find myself: a more happy, content and fulfilled version of the me I am today.